The Serendipity Co Find The Unfound

Once upon a time......

There lived a little girl that adored treasure hunts, easter egg hunts, in fact anything that would yield an interesting find would have her absolutely enraptured. Like all little girls she grew up, only she did so quite reluctantly. With age came responsibilty and less time for adventure. In a bid to re-create her childhood, she would often shop in small boutiques, thrift stores and flea markets. She developed quite a knack for picking out unique items, from art work to weasel coffee beans! Every find was 'Serendipitous' and soon, she learnt that if you knew where to go, her day would always be one of Serendipity. A day full of chance and interesting finds.

Fast forward to present day and with a little help, ok, A LOT of help from her partner she is bringing her world to you. 

A note from the little girl who reluctantly grew up

The Serendipity Co has been founded on the basis of 'pleasant experience and interesting finds' I do hope you will enjoy browsing as much as I and my team have enjoyed sourcing these very special pieces. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome please do feel free to drop us an email via the Contact Us Page. Thank you again for stopping by and sharing my adventure.

Christine Lam (Co-Founder of The Serendipity Co)