The Serendipity Co Find The Unfound

Hello Serendipity Lovers

So the guys here think it's a good idea that I write down my random tales of fortune and woes. Apparently they think it will interest you gorgeous folk.

I would love to tell you I will be good and update this all the time, but you and I both know when life takes over, there are barely enough hours in the day to tie a shoe lace. Therefore, I promise this instead, where and when I can post something (that's between being wife and mother, cleaner and cook, driver and goodness knows what else) I will try and make it as interesting as the products we stock.(Please note 'try' has been highlighted and underlined) Expect anything from recipes, to holiday snaps to general thoughts and views. 

I didn't set out to start a business, it sort of just happened. So forgive me if my style of writing seems too personal and informal. I genuinely don't know how to be any other way :) Besides, if you wanted to shop with a retailer that is the opposite of me, lets be honest, you wouldn't be here reading this. If there is something you would like to see or know, hit the Contact Us button and ask away.

Until next time my fellow treasure hunters